Lightweight Shock Mount Rack System 350mm Deep frame (R8700)

Available in 4u & 6u heights
SHOCK MOUNT BUSHES Must be ordered separately
A lightweight and quick-to assemble shock mount rack system designed to reduce impact shock and vibration to rack mounted equipment.

R8700 Shock Mount Rack System consists of:
2 Frames for the top and bottom part
4 Rack Rails
2 heights available: 4U, 6U
8 Mounting Brackets
1 Screw Pack

Depth of frame from front rack to rear rack 350mm

Shock Mounts sold separately (come in sets of 8) see related products
1 or 2 shock mounts can be fitted to each corner, depending on the level of shock absorption required

Technical Information


2U Shock Mount Rack System 4.007Kg / 8.83Lb
4U Shock Mount Rack System 4.045Kg / 8.92Lb
6U Shock Mount Rack System 4.082Kg / 9Lb
8U Shock Mount Rack System 4.118Kg / 9.08Lb

Material: Steel

** This product requires self assembly**
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