Metric Rubber Shock Mounts Bushes (R8860)

Available in 50Kg, 90Kg & 200 Kg load capacities
Rubber shock mount bushes
Supplied in packs of 8 (for 8 bushes order quantity 1)
Suitable for shockmount systems R8700 & R8800
Supplied with relevant M6 fixing to fit to shockmount system
Available in 3 load capacities 50Kg, 90 Kg & 200 Kg

Technical Information


50Kg Shock Mount Bushes 0.235Kg / 0.52Lb
90Kg Shock Mount Bushes 0.239Kg / 0.53Lb
200Kg Shock Mount Bushes 0.3Kg / 0.66Lb

Material: Steel/Rubber
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